Maryland Traffic Lawyer

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Traffic tickets occur every day in Maryland, in fact, there is probably a traffic stop taking place somewhere in Maryland at any moment of any given day.

Maryland Traffic LawyerSome of these traffic stops end in warnings, others result in tickets or citations for minor offenses such as speeding or the failure to display registration on demand. Most of the minor traffic violations in Maryland have payable options, but the payment of such tickets may result in points being assessed by the Motor Vehicle Administration(MVA).

Other traffic violations are more serious and require the defendant to appear in court to face charges and have potential penalties including jail time. If you have received one of these citations, contact our office at (410) 885-6200 to discuss options and schedule a free consultation.

In many instances the challenging of even the most minor tickets will result in reduced penalties, including points with the MVA. There are unknown consequences to just paying tickets, such as points on your license, or the possibility of your insurance rates increasing. To discuss these potential consequences, and representation in your case call (410) 885-6200 to discuss.